Sustainable apiary with an focus on small batch VSH queens and raw local honey

Our primary focus is breeding the best local queens selecting for temperament, brood production, honey production, as well as VSH expression. We source our breeding stock from New River Honey Bees, VP Queens, Stevens Bee Co, and Harbo Bee Co. We do not produce 1000’s of queen per year enabling us to be more selective on what we bring to the market. Each queen is evaluated for 3-4 weeks before being offered. We also have our Heritage Select Line that is monitored for brood pattern, honey production, temperament, and mite load.

What is Varroa Sensitive Hygiene?

If you live in the Bloomington/Normal Illinois area you will not find a more local source for fresh local raw honey.

I can be contacted at: ahapiary@yahoo.com

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