Hive Splitting: One of the best ways to make your apiary sustainable and not lose 1/2 your bees multiple times a year is to split your hives.

Sustainable Split: Package includes performing the split, a basic nuc, and mated heritage queen. $120 You can upgrade to a premium nuc box for an additional $30.

Split In The Bank: Have enough hives and don’t want more? We will come out and inspect your hive and if they are over-crowded perform a split to help prevent swarming. The split will be put in a numbered hive, fed, treated, etc. If it makes through the winter and you need spring bees, a spring nuc will be available at a heavily discounted price. New extra heavy waxed preimer frames will be provided for any frames removed. You can follow your split here. $0

Freebee Split: Hive packed and loaded w/ with swarm cells? Don’t want to lose your bees into the trees? We will come and take a split off of your hive and help prevent it from swarming. New extra heavy waxed primer frames will be provided for any frames removed. $0

Hive Inspections: If you are local and a client of AmericanHeritageApiary or HoneyPimpApiaries I’ll come out and do one free hive inspection a year. If you are not a client local inspections start at $40.

Nosema Testing: It’s highly advised to have Nosema sampling done on your hives in the early spring or fall to ensure your bees are healthy and ready for honey production or over-wintering. If you collect 15-20 bees from underside of lid testing is $10 per hive. We are willing to come out and collect the samples for an additional charge based on your location.

Mite Wash: Coming Soon

Mite Treatment Services: Do you have a mite treatment plan in place? Our clients and HoneyPimpApiaries clients can receive a mite treatment plan free of charge just contact us below.

If you need help applying or need treatments we are here to help!

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