Wednesday Update

Been a busy week so far, recovering from the package install madness of saturday! 50 packages is a lot of bees to get put in their new homes. On Sunday I went and picked up at one of the Apiaries and did some rebalancing off the bees that drifted. Once that was done I got a cloak board builder set up and collected the cells from the last graft to get them into the incubatotr. Monday I grafted some queens from our Harbo overwintered VSH queen into the cloak board setup. Today’s plan is to go through all 50 hives and pull the cages, top off feeders and pollen patties, and check for eggs getting a count of how many had issues w/ their new queen so I can back fill them with our mated stock. I will probably only get through the hives at my close apiary and the other one will have to wait until Friday or Saturday.

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