Spring has sprung, well kind of….

What’s new? Not a whole lot really happening bee wise this time of year. My over-wintering was slightly more successful than the past few years with 12 of 40 hives making it through until now. This will be my last year of Darwin-istic bee keeping, I am going to move the pendulum more to the care, feeding and treating side.

Right now is when you will lose the majority of your hives to starvation so get some dry feed on the girls as quickly as you can! I mixed in some nosema treatment with the latest round of feeding and will most likely add some pro DFM the next time I feed.

I will be adding some apivar strips to the hives to get an early start on mites. In approximately 21 days it will be time, weather permitting, to go through the hives and reduce them to 3.5-4 frames of brood taking the surplus for making splits.

I will have some videos starting probably this weekend of adding sugar and apiary clean up. Have to get the dead bees out and the gross frames removed to keep the hives in better shape.

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