2021 Season Lessons Learned

1. Have to feed and feed and feed the girls up in late August and September. Probably my biggest regret of the season.

2. Hammer the mites! I did minimal treating last year and it drastically increased my over-wintering success rate. Will be actively selecting for VSH and upping my genetics game with II, still need to have clean bees to put the queens on.

3. Migratory covers aren’t for me. Lost 6-10 hives due to warping leaking lids. I will be investing in some new bottom boards, inner covers, feeding shims and telescoping covers.

4. Strap the lids down no matter how well they are propolis’d on. When it gets cold and extra windy the lids will blow off…had 2 foam hives make it in spite of lids being gone!

5. Make splits earlier than you think you need to and refer back to 1. I’m moving my splits up a week or 2 and if they get too full will just pull and start new splits over double screen boards on strong hives.

6. Actually winterize your hives….put in the reducers, mouse guards, wrap them, insulation on top, add dry feed and shims, etc.

7. Make a tentative schedule, stick to it as best as you can modifying and adapting as the girls throw you curves!

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