Rough Bee Year Timeline

One change I’m pushing this year is creating a rough timeline of what my year will look like through July. I will then start my bee year next year August 1st. He’s what’s left of this bee year, what’s your bee calendar look like?

Week OfActivity
March 13thPut on Feed
March 20thPut on Feed
March 27thPut on Feed,
April 3rdCheck food supplies, switch to liquid, add Apivar, add Pollen Patties, count brood
April 10thPrep for packages,
April 16thSet Packages
April 24thFeed Packages, OA Vape Packages
May 1stOA Vape Packages, Feed
May 8thMake Builder and First 10 Grafts, OA Vape, Feed
May 15thMake Splits from over-wintered
May 22ndOA Vape, Feed, Make 2nd builder
May 29thInspections, Add Supers
June 5thInspections
June 12thOA Sponge, Inspections
June 19thInspections
June 26thInspections
July 3rdPull Supers
July 10thMake 2 frame bees 1 feed splits
July 17thOpen feed
July 24thInspections
July 31stThymol, Add Feeding Shims

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