Hectic Start…

Here we are today on the highlighted day…two days before rain and 5 days before a HUGE jump in temperatures. 5/4 baseball game and track practice, 5/5 soccer game out of town w/ a track meet and 5/6-5/8 out of town baseball tournament w/ a side of mother’s day.

I started the majority of the packages on 2-3 frames of drawn comb for a total of 4 w/ a frame feeder to keep space tight with the cool temperatures. This is the week I need to add 2 frames of foundation to each of them and transition to the top feeder so they can draw out the last 2 frames, add space w/ hot weather on Monday, and make their final push before moving them to their new yards.

I also haven’t treated the packages for mites. The majority of the packages will have some capped brood frames by now but overall they should be in a good place to treat with OA vaporization.

I also have some queens coming Wednesday so need to pull excess brood and get them ready for their new mothers.

So….how to pack all this in w/ the weather and obligations


-Go to baseball tonight and after the game make a quick trip to OA vaporize the nucs

-Get up really early Saturday and/or Sunday to get the frames added feeders moved.

-Make splits with double screen boards to try that method

-Prep yards where I’ll place bees for honey, nucs, and queen builders

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