06/15/2022 Update

No content lately…part of it is just being too busy to get videos pulled and uploaded. Work and family life has keep me running. It’s also stupid hot and all the hives have their supers on and they are just slaving away making that delicious honey.

This is the time of year where it’s all in on making queens to replace package queens with our VSH genetics. This year we have been very lucky with a very high acceptance rate so I will have a generous supply of queens to evaluate for the first round of replacements. I also had a few hives that developed a little attitude so those queens have been removed from active duty and a replacement installed.

Last but probably most importantly has been harvesting and inseminating queens instrumentally. That has taken up the majority of my time and unfortunately I don’t have the right camera to record through the microscope, yet….

Keep your girls happy and may the flow continue!!!!

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