Package Inspection(s)

If you just started packages the table below should provide you with a way to check your progress. This is just an estimate/model and the dates are subject to change. I’ll be inspecting my stuff this weekend and counting brood frames taking notes on where each is compared to the model.

I started my packages in 5 frame nucs w/ drawn comb…if yours were started on foundation I’d add a week minimum to the estimates to account for the need to draw comb and the low temperatures.

From this estimate I can see that key dates for me are 05/06/ is when the queen could possible be completely out of room thus kicking off the swarm instinct and swarm cell development. I want to make sure to do an inspection around that time and either add a 2nd 5 frame box hopping some brood up to the top box or move the girls to a 8/10 frame hive.

The second key date is 05/26/2023…this is when I will want to check at least the week or two before and count the number of frames with bees to see if the hive is well populated. If the bees are coming 8 to 9 frames I will add the excluder and at least 1 super. I will then come back in 1 week and if the super is 1/2 full add 1 more super, 3/4 full 2 more supers and if the first super is FULL, I’ll add 3 more empty supers (all drawn comb…if foundation don’t be as aggressive).

Last but not least…06/11/2023 would be the first time I would want to pull a brood frame or two from the brood box to free up some space in the brood nest and take a look at what kind of room there is in the supers! I’ll add back some foundation to challenge them and occupy the need to draw wax…it will also start wax drawing to assist w/ capping!

I included a splits by month planner as well.

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